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google_font_service_input_resource.h File Reference
#include "net/instaweb/http/public/request_context.h"
#include "net/instaweb/rewriter/public/cacheable_resource_base.h"
#include "pagespeed/kernel/base/basictypes.h"
#include "pagespeed/kernel/base/string.h"
#include "pagespeed/kernel/base/string_util.h"

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class  net_instaweb::GoogleFontServiceInputResource


 Unit-test framework for wget fetcher.

Detailed Description

Special input resource for CSS, needed due to the UA dependence. The font service delivers different loader CSS for different user agents (optimizing the font differently), and therefore delivers its output as cache-control: private, making it normally untouchable for us. This class overrides that restriction by instead incorporating the UA string into the cache key we use and stripping the cache-control: private header.