Optimize for Bandwidth

This page demonstrates OptimizeForBandwidth mode. The resources at the bottom of the page are optimized in-place, making them smaller but without changing their urls.

The Apache config file has:

  <Location /optimize_for_bandwidth.html>
    # Optimize resources in-place, without changing their urls.
    ModPagespeedRewriteLevel OptimizeForBandwidth
  <Location /in_place_optimize_for_browser>
    # Serve WebP to browsers that support it, and add the response
    # header "Vary: Accept".
    ModPagespeedEnableFilters in_place_optimize_for_browser

Links to optimized and unoptimized resources:

Original ResourceOptimized Resource
inline_javascript.js?PageSpeed=off inline_javascript.js
blue.css?PageSpeed=off styles/blue.css
Puzzle.jpg?PageSpeed=off Puzzle.jpg